100 Series Frames

Metcar® Type 100 Series Bearing Assemblies have been designed and patented primarily for use in the dryers of the gypsum wallboard and plywood industries. Since their introduction nearly 50 years ago, these assemblies have been extensively employed as bearing members for hundreds of different high temperature continuous dryer and industrial conveyor applications.

With more than a dozen different frame designs, a bearing assembly can be constructed to fit almost any OEM or customized board dryer or conveyor. When the choice of frames is combined with the wide array of bearing cartridge designs, literally dozens of combinations are possible.

Our technical and sales staff will gladly assist you in choosing the design and material that is right for your application.

Select a Frame below then you’ll be directed to your proper Cartridge.
  • • 1515 up to 700F
  • • 2500 up to 1000F
  • • 9800 up to 1100F
  • • 9200 up to 1150F
  • • Self-lubricating and maintenance free
  • • Many assemblies available in stainless steel
  • • All assemblies automatically compensate for shaft deflection and misalignment due to temperature change or movement of dryer or conveyor
  • • Operate dry or submerged
  • • All Metcar® type 100 bearing cartridges fit any 100 series frame
  • • Bearings can be rotated 180° for increased life
  • • Cost-effective, compact design
  • • Standard stock bore sizes are 30mm and 1-1/4″
  • • Bore sizes available up to 1-7/16″