Plain & Veneer Dryer Bearings

Metallized Carbon Corporation has been serving the veneer and wallboard industries for more than 50 years. METCAR® grades M-11 and 1515 are being successfully applied as veneer dryer bearing materials worldwide. Grade M-11 is a solid, self-lubricating, carbon / graphite material that provides long life and low friction in veneer dryer bearing applications at an economical price. Grade 1515 is our premium solid, copper impregnated, carbon-graphite material that is used for veneer dryer applications with higher loads or severe vibration. Both grades can withstand continuous operation at 700° F (371°C) and excursions to 1800° F (982°C). These grades are solid lubricant throughout and oil and maintenance free.

METCAR® grades are preferred over plastic bearing materials for veneer dryer applications because of their superior wear characteristics. Unlike plastic bearings, they will not “cold form” or distort under load. They are also preferred because they will not melt in the event of a dryer flash fire.

METCAR® stocks several different standard sizes of veneer bearings in both grades for fast delivery. METCAR® bearings for non-standard veneer dryers can be manufactured to press-fit, shrink-fit, or slip-fit into any special veneer dryer housing.

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