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High-Performance Materials for Extreme Applications

Metcar’s engineered carbon graphite materials have solved challenging mechanical and industrial lubrication problems since 1945.

Consistently outperforming conventional oil & grease, our proprietary process enables us to develop unique carbon graphite products that no one else in the industry can replicate.

Metcar’s custom-impregnated and pre-engineered carbon graphite material grades for bearings, bushings, seal rings, air bleed valves, vanes, and more perform at the highest level in the most demanding applications on Earth and in space.

Recent News

Congratulating Matthew Brennan on his retirement!
Join us in congratulating Matthew Brennan as he transitions to retirement from President & CEO of the corporation effective July 1, 2022. The company is grateful for Matthew’s hard work and dedication over the past 52 years. To learn more about his career with Metcar, please download this PDF: Thank you Matthew Brennan!
Carbon/Graphite for Dry Running Mechanical Seal Faces

Metcar is featured in Pumps & Systems April 2020: Tips for selecting seal face materials in harsh conditions. (See pages 72-73)


The Benefits of Carbon Graphite

Catch Metcar in the October 2022 issue of Pumps & Systems to learn about how carbon graphite can be a solution in food and beverage processing. 

How Graphite Helps Aerospace Engineers Push The Limits

The aerospace industry leaves no margin for error, demanding materials that can withstand high altitudes, high speeds, and extreme temperatures upwards of 1,000 degrees to meet the strict safety requirements of the industry.

In these oppressive environments, aerospace engineers require high performance materials that push the envelope for what is possible. The material that possesses the heat resistance and self lubricating characteristics that satisfy these stringent requirements is highly specialized Metcar® graphite.