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High-Performance Materials for Extreme Applications

Metcar’s engineered carbon graphite materials have solved challenging mechanical and industrial lubrication problems since 1945.

Consistently outperforming conventional oil & grease, our proprietary process enables us to develop unique carbon graphite products that no one else in the industry can replicate.

Metcar’s custom-impregnated and pre-engineered carbon graphite material grades for bearings, bushings, seal rings, air bleed valves, vanes, and more perform at the highest level in the most demanding applications on Earth and in space.

Recent News

Carbon/Graphite for Dry Running Mechanical Seal Faces
Metcar is featured in Pumps & Systems April 2020: Tips for selecting seal face materials in harsh conditions. (See pages 72-73) PUMPSANDSYSTEMS.COM
Metcar’s Superior Solutions for Severe Service Lubrication

Manufacturing Technology Insights features Metcar’s carbon graphite material solutions in the March 2020 issue as one of the Top 10 Advanced Materials Solution Providers in APAC. (See pages 22-23)


Use Carbon/Graphite to Prevent Pump Failures from Running Dry

When pumps run dry, it can lead to failures, downtime, and unwanted expenses.

Dry running occurs when a pump does not have enough fluid present. In submersible pumps, the fluid acts as a lubricant and coolant to dissipate heat generated by the pump through the media. However, when no fluid is present, there can be catastrophic failures within the pump.

Carbon Graphite Materials Are a Solid Choice for Food & Pharma Applications

Catch Metcar in the May 2021 issue of Pumps & Systems to learn about how carbon graphite can be a solution in food and pharmaceutical applications.