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Carbon/Graphite for Dry Running Mechanical Seal Faces

Metcar is featured in Pumps & Systems April 2020: Tips for selecting seal face materials in harsh conditions. (See pages 72-73) PUMPSANDSYSTEMS.COM

Metcar’s Superior Solutions for Severe Service Lubrication

Manufacturing Technology Insights features Metcar’s carbon graphite material solutions in the March 2020 issue as one of the Top 10 Advanced Materials Solution Providers in APAC. (See pages 22-23)


Playing ball

The benefits of using carbon graphite ball valve seats in severe service applications. (See pages 30-31)


A Pump Rebuilder’s Guide to Replacing Carbon Graphite Bearings

Installation techniques and tips for choosing the best material grade.


The science behind self-lubrication

Self-lubricating carbon-graphite has enabled pumps to operate in more severe service applications than ever. (See pages 22-23)


Sealing Solutions–Longer Lives, Less Leaks

Aircraft seals face tough challenges as they bear more extremes to contain fluids.

High-temperature graphite

Mechanical graphite in extreme aerospace applications can improve efficiency, cost, and ease of maintenance.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Pushing Carbon Graphite’s Boundaries with Enhanced Oxidation Resistance

There is a growing need for materials that are able to endure extreme temperatures for extended periods of time.

Westchester Manufacturers Are Navigating Success

Rowing against the tide, intrepid companies have found ways to thrive in Westchester.