Our Materials

Materials that are Engineered to Outperform

Metcar materials are used to produce mechanical parts for applications where relative motion or rubbing of components must occur with low friction and low wear. Engineered to outperform, our materials prevail where others fall short, such as when temperature conditions are too extreme for oil and when sanitary conditions are required.

Relying predominantly on graphite for their self-lubricating properties, Metcar materials can run in the following conditions:

  • Dry air or other gases
  • Submerged in low viscosity liquids
  • High loads & speeds
  • High & low temperatures
  • Corrosive environments
  • Sanitary/clean environments

Over 150 different Metcar Grades have been developed to provide customers with optimum materials for their individual operating conditions, and new materials are constantly in development to meet new customer application requirements. This experience allows us to help you transform your what if to what is.

The unique properties of Metcar materials include

  • High oxidation resistance – Metcar materials are able to resist oxidation at elevated temperatures, performing under the most demanding service conditions to provide long service life.
  • Self-lubricating properties – Metcar materials rely on the self-lubricating properties of graphite, meaning they don’t need oil, grease or other lubrication. This makes them a high-performing, reliable, and maintenance-free choice.
  • The ability to run in low viscosity fluids – Since Metcar materials are not atomically attracted to metals, the thin hydrodynamic film that occurs with low viscosity fluids is able to provide excellent lubricating properties without galling or spalling.
  • Excellent electrical conductivity – Metcar materials have excellent electrical conductivity, making them the materials of choice, specifically in precision electrical contacts for the transportation and defense industries.
  • Dimensionally stable– Metcar materials have an exceptionally low coefficient of thermal expansion, which makes them an excellent choice for operating in temperature extremes ranging from absolute zero to 1,000+ degrees.

    Unlike plastic materials, Metcar materials will not melt or extrude out under pressure, and will consistently perform in low temperatures ranging from -30 to -450 degrees where conventional oil & grease lubricants congeal, solidify, or become sluggish.

  • Corrosion Resistance – Graphite is chemically inert allowing it to perform in even the most corrosive chemical environments.