Med Duty Pillow Blocks

Medium Duty Self-Aligning Pillow Block Bearing Assemblies (Type SA-PB-L)

These Metcar bearing assemblies were developed specifically for use in louver and damper applications. Economically priced, the cast iron assemblies can handle loads up to 750 PSI where shaft speeds are static or slow. Completely self-aligning, the solid self-lubricating carbon/graphite inserts provide excellent lubrication throughout their service life in dusty, hot, or corrosive environments.

They are also excellent for use in medium-to-light duty conveyor applications where the robust design of a cast iron housing is desirable.

For tough, high-load, high-speed applications, see our full line of heavy duty self-aligning case iron assemblies for shafts up to 5. Other bore sizes are available at an additional cost.

*Replacement cartridges are available.

Item #*Metcar MaterialTemp. RatingShaft SizeMax Radial LoadA-Bearing LengthBCDJM
KSAPB2L-0500Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1/2″292.78″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
KSAPB2L-0750Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF3/4″439.78″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
KSAPB2L-1000Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1″585.78″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
KSAPB3L-1250Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/4″750.80″5-1/2″1-5/8″4-1/8″2-11/16″1-5/16″
KSAPB3L-1375Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-3/8″825.80″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
KSAPB4L-14375Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/16″927.86″6-3/8″1-3/4″4-3/4″3-1/4″1-9/16″
KSAPB4L-1500Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/2″968.86″6-3/8″1-3/4″4-3/4″3-1/4″1-9/16″
KSAPB5L-1500Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/2″1035.92″6-9/16″1-7/8″5″3-11/16″1-13/16″
KSAPB5L-1750Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-3/4″1207.92″6-9/16″1-7/8″5″3-11/16″1-13/16″
KSAPB7L-19375Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-15/16″15991.10″7-9/16″2-3/16″5-3/4″4-1/8″2-1/16″
KSAPB7L-2000Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF2″16501.10″7-9/16″2-3/16″5-3/4″4-1/8″2-1/16″
BSAPB2L-0500Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1/2″292.78″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
BSAPB2L-0750Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF3/4″439.78″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
BSAPB2L-1000Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1″585.78″5-3/16″1/2″3-3/4″2-1/2″1-1/4″
BSAPB3L-1250Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/4″750.80″5-1/2″1-5/8″4-1/8″2-11/16″1-5/16″
BSAPB3L-1375Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-3/8″825.80″5-1/2″1-5/8″4-1/8″2-11/16″1-5/16″
BSAPB4L-14375Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-7/16″927.86″6-3/8″1-3/4″4-3/4″3-1/4″1-9/16″
BSAPB4L-1500Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/2″968.86″6-3/8″1-3/4″4-3/4″3-1/4″1-9/16″
BSAPB5L-1500Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-1/2″1035.92″6-9/16″1-7/8″5″3-11/16″1-13/16″
BSAPB5L-1750Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-3/4″1207.92″6-9/16″1-7/8″5″3-11/16″1-13/16″
BSAPB7L-19375Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF1-15/16″15991.10″7-9/16″2-3/16″5-3/4″4-1/8″2-1/16″
BSAPB7L-2000Grade M-11Up to 750 ºF2″16501.10″7-9/16″2-3/16″5-3/4″4-1/8″2-1/16″

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