Pillow Blocks

Heavy Duty Self-Aligning Pillow Block Bearing Assemblies (Type SA-PB)

Type SA-PB pillow blocks and flange blocks are a uniquely designed compact unit (patented) requiring minimum support space. These units are self-aligning, ruggedly constructed, and suitable for non-lubricated heavy duty applications. They are fitted with a variety of Metcar self-lubricating bearing grades.

There are 10 different sizes available for shafts up to 3-3/8. There are 2 standard bearing cartridge lengths available: A and A-Ext. Bearing length A is used for medium-duty applications, whereas bearing length A-Ext is used for heavy duty applications. They are available in stainless steel for corrosive applications.

item #Max Std Shaft SizeAA-Ext.BCDF BoltGHJLM
  • • Completely self-aligning, compensating for shaft deflection and misalignment
  • • Ability to be used dry or submerged to temperatures of 1000ºF
  • • Replaceable bearing cartridges can be rotated 180º for double the lifespan without needing to be removed from the shaft
  • • Interchangeable with most standard ball bearing pillow and flange blocks
  • • Free and quiet operation under heavy loads
  • • Ability to be modified for thrust loading
  • • M-11 – Light duty dry applications up to 500ºF
  • • M-100 Resin – Light duty dry and submerged applications up to 500ºF
  • • 1010 Babbitt – Dry or Submerged applications up to 400ºF
  • • 1515 Copper – Heavy duty dry or submerged applications to 700ºF
  • • 2500 Resistox – High temperature applications up to 1000ºF
  • • 9800 Resistox – High temperature applications up to 1100ºF

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